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SC/67B/NH/06 Rev1 

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A yearling right whale calf entangled in a set net off Ito, central Japan

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SC/67B/NH/06 Rev1


Yuko Tajima, Ayaka Matsuda, Akira Shiozaki, Kent Mori Nozomi Kurihara, Keiko Nishimaniwa and Tadasu K. Yamada

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International Whaling Commission


A right whale calf was found in a large-scale set net (ogata teichi) in Izu on February 18, 2018. The animal was found dead on the following day. The authors investigate this carcass at the fishery port of Ito, Shizuoka prefecture. Basic biological data and specimens were collected. Preliminary findings are summarized here. In Japan, right whales were captured by the traditional whaling but because the depletion of the species was serious the species was failrly rare and very few specimens are kept in museums.

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