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SC/67B/SH/11 Rev1 

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Blue whale song occurrence in the Southern Hemisphere

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SC/67B/SH/11 Rev1


Ana Sirovic, Trevor Branch, Robert L. Brownell Jr, Salvatore Cerchio, Aimee Lang, Susannah Buchan, Ken Findlay, Brian Miller, Paula Olson, Tracey Rogers, Flore Samaran, Robert Suydam

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International Whaling Commission


This report is a continuation of efforts from previous meetings to reconcile different vocalisations for pygmy blue whales in order to develop a set of agreed blue whale song types that will enable the construction of hypotheses on population structure. We updated and consolidated the known spatial and temporal occurrence of the song types from Širović et al. (2016) and provide further clarification on hypotheses for blue whale population structure based on acoustics. We describe the occurrence of seven Southern Hemisphere (SH) blue whale songs and presumed populations, including Antarctic blue whales, and discuss their overlap, spatially and at times temporally.

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