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Workshop on the Poorly Documented Takes of Small Cetaceans in South America: Including in-depth review of the hunting of the Amazon River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) for the piracatinga (Calophysus macropterus) fishery 19th – 21st March 2018, Novotel S

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Fruet, Porter, Scheidat, Zerbini, Aliaga Rossel, Amorocho, Avila, Briceño, Caballero Gaitán, Campbell, Carvalho Crema, Castro, Cortese Aranha, Crespo, da Silva, Gilleman, Ingram, Jimenez, Lagroteria, Luna, Marmontel, Meirelles,

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International Whaling Commission


(authors con) Mendes Carlos de Almeida, Miranda, Passadore, Quintero Gil, Raseira, Reboucas, Rodríguez Fonseca, Sepulveda, Siciliano, Thomas, Trujillo, Usma and Vieto Castro.

A priority topic of the Scientific Committee is the issue of the poorly documented take of small cetaceans. An Intersessional Correspondence Group (ICG) was established to ensure progress on this topic between SC meetings, and with the aim of better understanding the issue globally. The ICG is tasked with the development of a toolbox of techniques that will guide and co ordinate research into this topic with the aim of better understanding the issue on regional and global levels. A series of workshops will be held to fulfill this aim, the first of which took place in Thailand in 2016, and covered South East Asia. This second workshop focuses on South America and also aims to assess, in detail, the use of Amazon river dolphins as bait for the piracatinga fishery. The workshop aims to;
1) identify threats, past and present, in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, French Guinea, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela with respect to ‘wildmeat’, and discuss which techniques can be utilised to better understand this issue and,
2) review current knowledge of the use of Amazon river dolphins as bait in the piracatinga fishery and provide recommendations for future work and action.

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