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6th Progress Report on IWC Ship Strike Data Coordination – April 2018

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Simone Panigada and Fabian Ritter (IWC ship strike data coordinators)

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International Whaling Commission


The activities carried out by the IWC's ship strike data coordinators in the past 11 months resulted in a variety of outreach actions, including the follow-up on every request sent by potential data providers. As recommended by the SC, special attention has been given to continue and increase the data review process, while keeping the global ship strikes
database updated with new entries and by making sure that every existing record receives the need attention while it is being assessed.
The Coordinators, after consultation with the Data Review Group (DRG) have started the review process by choosing current records and working backwards through time: over the last 11 months, all the reports between now and 31 December 1999 have been reviewed and assigned a category. In total, 320 reports have been assessed and are now listed as cases on the data-base. Since 1st of May 2017, 21 new reports have been submitted. Some entries were realized by the data co-ordinators, but an increasing number also stemmed from the public, including scientists working in the field. Contacts with the ACCOBAMS and the Pelagos Sanctuary Executive Secretariats, as well as ASCOBANS, have been maintained to discuss possible synergies in assessing and mitigating ship strikes. There is a new project funded by the Pelagos Agreement on ship strikes in the Pelagos Sanctuary and this will be carried out by a team of international scientists. This project will allow
to assess ship strikes in the areas, together with suggesting mitigation measures to be applied in the Pelagos Sanctuary and in other areas of the Mediterranean Sea. As usual, a number of inquiries about the database were received, and we provided relevant literature, general information as well as specific advice. In a number of cases, a folder containing extensive information about IWC’s work on ship strikes (“ship strike briefing) was provided to interested parties. The Power Point presentation on ship strikes and the role of the IWC and the IWC info banner were presented at several events.

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