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Further development of individual base energetic models including the effects of feeding during migration

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W. K. de la Mare

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International Whaling Commission


A number of enhancements have been made to the Individual based energetics models for baleen whales to include options allowing for diving and prey school based foraging behaviour, as well as an improved foraging model that allows for longer term memory of feeding grounds. The model allows for feeding to occur during migration between the feeding and breeding grounds. The spatial characteristics of prey can now be modelled in regions that are recursively defined, that is that any spatial region can contain subregions on a finer scale, and within any region prey can be modelled at the level of schools. Some early results from the enhanced model shows that carrying capacity and the characteristics of yield curves including MSYR and MSYL depend on quantity of food consumed by animals during migration. This has implications for the geographic and temporal scales required in the development of ecosystem models

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