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SC/67B/EM/01 Rev1 

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Issues Cunen, Walloe and Hjort should consider in relation to their analyses of Antarctic minke whale body condition

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SC/67B/EM/01 Rev1


McKinlay, J. P., de la Mare, W. K., Welsh, A. H.

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International Whaling Commission


In recent years, data arising from the JARPA Special Permit program have been analysed to assess possible changes in minke whale body
condition. Most recently, in 2017 at SC67A two separate analysis teams examined the question of declining condition using different
methods, with each team reaching appreciably different conclusions. Cunen, Walloe and Hjort (hereafter CWH) developed linear mixed
models of blubber thickness, fat weight and half-girth measurements, and found significant declines in these primary measurements over the
period of JARPA.

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