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Cruise report of the cetacean sighting survey in the eastern part of the Sea of Okhotsk in 2017

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Pavel S. Gushcherov, Petr A. Tyupeleev, Мaksim A. Shkarupa, Sergey V. Makrak, Vitaly I. Samonov and Tomio Miyashita

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International Whaling Commission


The cetacean survey was conducted in the eastern part of the Sea of Okhotsk in 2017 by R/V Vladimir Safonov since 4 August to 7 September 2017 (35 days), and the vessel covered the research area (51°N-57°N and west of the Kamchatka Peninsula to 152°E). During the research distance of 814,7 n.miles by closing mode for large cetaceans and killer whales in the research area and 557 n.miles by passing mode during transit, the following species were sighted – common minke whale (14 schools – 16 animals), fin whale (31-64), humpback whale (13-32), north Pacific right whale (6-9), killer whale (14-66), Baird’s beaked whale (4-30), ziphiidae spp. (2-10), Pacific white-sided dolphin (1-7), dalli type Dall's porpoise (52-213), truei type Dall's porpoise (6-13), unidentified type Dall's porpoise (249-805), unidentified large cetacean (5-7), unidentified small cetacean (2-2), and unidentified cetacean (1-1).

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