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SC/67B/ASI/13 Rev1 

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Proposal for the 2019 and 2020 IWC-Pacific Ocean Whale and Ecosystem Research (POWER)

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SC/67B/ASI/13 Rev1


Matsuoka, K., Zharikov, K.A., Miyashita, T., Murase, H., Kitakado, T., Kato, H., Donovan, G.

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International Whaling Commission


This document outlines the line transect sighting survey cruise plans for the 2019 and 2020 IWC Pacific Ocean Whale and Ecosystem Research (POWER) as a short term (up to 2019) and a middle term research programs (after 2020). The research vessel, Yushin-Maru No.2 (YS2) will be available for each cruise. As agreed in the IWC-POWER Technical Advisory Group (TAG) discussion, the 2019 cruise should be a last cruise for the Bering Sea, where the POWER cruise has not been conducted (IWC, 2017). For 2020 cruise, the details of plan will be discussed with some options at the TAG meeting which will be held in this October. Photo-id and biopsy experiments are also planned for both of cruises. Both of cruises would be taken place in mainly July and September. The duration of the survey will be approximately 85 days involving international port refuelling and approximate 60 days of the research area. The outcome of these surveys would also contribute to the inter-sessional workshop to plan for a medium-long term POWER international programme in the North Pacific. The data and report of these surveys would be submitted to the IWC/SC meetings after the cruises. Further details of the planning of 2020 will be discussed in the planning meeting.

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