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Document Number Title Author Publication Year ID Type
2018 ASW Catch/Strike Limit Requests for the United States IWC 2018 7525 Document
Description of Alaskan Eskimo Bowhead Whale Subsistence Sharing Practices IWC 2018 7522 Document
Whale Hunting and the Makah Tribe: A Needs Statement IWC 2018 7507 Document
ASW Catch/Strike Limit Request for Greenland IWC 2018 7504 Document
White Paper on Management and Utilization of Large Whales in Greenland IWC 2018 7501 Document
2018 ASW Catch/Strike Limit Request for the Russian Federation IWC 2018 7498 Document
2018 ASW Catch/Strike Limit Request for St. Vincent and the Grenadines IWC 2018 7495 Document
Response on the Proposal for a Schedule Amendment on Aboriginal... IWC 2018 7492 Document
Additional Information on the Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling Proposal... IWC 2018 7489 Document
Summary of the work of the Scientific Committee with respect to the... IWC 2018 7486 Document