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Document Number Title Author Publication Year ID Type
Proposal for a Schedule Amendment on Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling... IWC 2018 7294 Document
Financial Statements for the 12 months to 31 December 2016 IWC 2018 7291 Document
Financial Statements for the 12 months to 31 December 2017 IWC 2018 7288 Document
Commentary on the 2016 and 2017 Commission Accounts IWC 2018 7285 Document
Draft Resolution on Anthropogenic Underwater Noise (submitted by... IWC 2018 7282 Document
IWC Budget Strategy - 2019/20 (submitted by the Bureau) IWC 2018 7261 Document
Draft Resolution on Food Security (submitted by Antigua and Barbuda... IWC 2018 7258 Document
The Way Forward of the IWC - IWC Reform Proposal including a draft... IWC 2018 7255 Document
Proposal of a Schedule Amendment to Create a South Atlantic Whale... IWC 2018 7252 Document
The South Atlantic: A Sanctuary for Whales (submitted by the... IWC 2018 7249 Document
Draft Resolution on Ghost Gear entanglement among cetaceans (submitted... IWC 2018 7246 Document
Draft Resolution on the 2030 Agenda (submitted by Brazil, Colombia... IWC 2018 7243 Document
Draft Resolution - The Florianopolis Declaration on the Role of the... IWC 2018 7240 Document
Draft Resolution on the Response to the Independent Review of the... IWC 2018 7237 Document
withdrawn IWC 2018 7234 Document
Report of the Standing Working Group on Special Permit Programmes IWC 2018 7231 Document
Draft Resolution on Advancing the Commission's Work on the Role of... IWC 2018 7228 Document
IWC Review - Final Report (IWC Review Team - Christian Prip... IWC 2018 7225 Document
Update on IWC Cooperation with Other Organisations (submitted by the... IWC 2018 7222 Document
Short Overview of the Work of the Scientific Committee at its 2017 and... IWC 2018 7219 Document
Visual Presentation of the Implementation of Revised Carryover... IWC 2018 7216 Document