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Document Number Title Author Publication Year ID
IWC.ALL.347 | SC/68a Scientific Committee Meeting, Nairobi... IWC 2019 9480 Document
IWC.ALL.346 | Submission of Scientific Progress Reports IWC 2019 9477 Document
IWC.ALL.345 | 2018 Commission Financial Statements IWC 2019 9474 Document
IWC.ALL.344 | Joanna Toole Brendan Miller 2019 9471 Document
Residency, feeding ecology... Salvatore Cerchio, Boris Andriantenaina, Alex Zerbini Daniel Pendleton... 2018 9468 Document
Preserving the past: digitization of Soviet whale watches and sightings... Ivashchenko, Y.V. and Clapham, P.J. 2018 9465 Document
Updates on sei whale (Balaenoptera borealis) distribution... Danielle Cholewiak, Debra Palka, Samuel Chavez-Rosales, Genevieve Davis... 2018 9462 Document
A yearling right whale calf entangled in a set net off Ito, central Japan Yuko Tajima, Ayaka Matsuda, Akira Shiozaki, Kent Mori Nozomi Kurihara... 2018 9459 Document
Status of North Atlantic right whales: an update on the events of 2017 Peter Corkeron and Richard M Pace III 2018 9456 Document
Preliminary report of abundance estimation for the North Pacific... Kanako Inai, Koji Matsuoka and Toshihide Kitakado 2018 9453 Document
Data available for an assessment of North Pacific blue whales Branch (convenor), Brownell, Donovan, Ivaschenko, Kato, Lang, Matsuoka... 2018 9450 Document
Population genetic structure and historical demography of North Pacific... Luis A. Pastene, Mioko Taguchi, Aimee Lang, Mutsuo Goto and Koji Matsuoka 2018 9447 Document
Update on the Modelling and Assessment of Whalewatching Impacts (MAWI)... Leslie New 2018 9444 Document
Recent advances in whale watching research: 2017 to 2020 E.C.M. Parsons and Courtney E. Smith 2018 9441 Document
Report on the development of the online IWC Whale Watching Handbook Gianna Minton, Sarah Ferriss, Ryan Wulff 2018 9438 Document
Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) Sustainable Whale and Dolphin... Adam Clark, Hilary Anderson, Suzi Heaton 2018 9435 Document
Solitary Sociable Dolphins: A preliminary update Laetitia Nunny, Mark P. Simmonds 2018 9432 Document
Work on recreational in-water interactions with aquatic mammals under... Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, Heidrun Frisch-Nwakanma 2018 9429 Document
Incorporating whale-watch photographs into a 47-year aerial... Florencia O. Vilches, Victoria J. Rowntree... 2018 9426 Document
Whale Watching Strategic Plan (2018-2024) Ryan Wulff 2018 9423 Document
Update on swim-with-whales intersessional group Naomi A. Rose, Heidrun Frisch-Nwakanma, Courtney Smith... 2018 9420 Document
A review on the life history parameters and threats to bottlenose... Pedro Fruet, Fabio Daura-Jorge, Rodrigo Genoves, Carolina Bezamat... 2018 9417 Document
Illegal Totoaba fishing in San Felipe, Mexico in January 2018 Robert L. Brownell, Jr., Sarah D. Mallette and Ricardo Rebolledo 2018 9414 Document
Movements and habitat use of river dolphins (Cetartiodactyla: Iniiidae)... Federico Mosquera-Guerra, Fernando Trujillo, Marcelo Oliveira-da-Costa... 2018 9411 Document
Analysis of distribution of river dolphins (Inia and Sotalia) in... Federico Mosquera-Guerra, Fernando Trujillo, Danni Parks... 2018 9408 Document
Improving our understanding of aquatic wild meat: database requirements... Daniel J. Ingram and Isabel C. Avila 2018 9405 Document
Unrecognized and so many threats: case studies in conservation of the... Renata Emin-Lima, Salvatore Siciliano, Reginaldo H. M. Moreira Junior... 2018 9402 Document
A Range Wide Survey of the Yangtze Finless Porpoise (Neophocaena... Mei Zhigang, Hao Yujiang, Wang Kexiong, Wang Zhitao, Zheng Jinsong... 2018 9399 Document
Marine mammals used as bait with improvised Fish Aggregating Devices in... Cristina Castro, Diana Cardenas, Gregory Kaufman and Koen Van Waerebeek 2018 9396 Document
Guidelines on national legislation regarding live capture of cetaceans... Heidrun Frisch-Nwakanma 2018 9393 Document
Maui dolphin: 2018 update on New Zealand’s research and management... Ben Sharp and Dave Lundquist 2018 9390 Document
Assessment of the fisheries characteristics in southeastern Brazil:... Salvatore Siciliano, Davi C. Tavares... 2018 9387 Document
Effectiveness of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for population estimates of... Marcelo Oliveira Costa, Miriam Marmontel, Daiane Soares Xavier da Rosa... 2018 9384 Document
Hydrovias: An emerging threat for river dolphins in Peru Joanna Alfaro-Shigueto, Elizabeth Campbell, Jeffrey Mangel 2018 9381 Document
Report on franciscana fisheries interaction in FMA Ia, Brazil Milton C.C. Marcondes, Marina Angeli, Fabio Fontes... 2018 9378 Document
The Aquatic Wild Meat Database: a useful tool for monitoring small... Mel Cosentino, Lucrecia Souviron Priego 2018 9375 Document
Report of the Tenth Meeting of the Comite Internacional para la... CIRVA 2018 9372 Document
A new baleen whale song type described for the Western Indian Ocean off... Salvatore Cerchio, Andrew Willson, Charles Muirhead, Suaad Al Harthi... 2018 9369 Document
Separating pygmy blue whale catches by population Branch, T A, Monnahan, C C, Sirovic, A 2018 9366 Document
Annual Report of the Southern Ocean Research Partnership (IWC-SORP) 2017/18 Elanor M Bell 2018 9363 Document
Updated application of a photo-identification based assessment model to... Anabela Brandao, Els Vermeulen, Andrea Ross-Gillespie... 2018 9360 Document
Sightings and acoustic records of right whales collected in South... JA Jackson, EL Carroll, A Kennedy, R Leaper, S Calderan, MS Leslie... 2018 9357 Document
Searching for humpback whales two centuries post-whaling: what is left... Claire Garrigue, Solene Derville, Claire Bonneville 2018 9354 Document
IWC-SORP Research Fund: progress reports (2016-2018) Elanor M. Bell 2018 9351 Document
Southern Hemisphere Fin Whales: Update on available data sets Helena Herr 2018 9348 Document
Preliminary Results of 2017 IWC Comparisons among Southern Hemisphere... Barbara Galletti Vernazzani, Catherine Attard, Dawn R. Barlow... 2018 9345 Document
Southern Hemisphere fin whale stock structure: A summary of published... JA Jackson, AL Sremba, AN Zerbini, V Reyes Reyes, H Herr, FI Archer... 2018 9342 Document
Satellite tracking of blue whales in New Zealand waters, 2018 voyage report Kimberly Goetz, Simon Childerhouse, David Paton, Mike Ogle... 2018 9339 Document
The first report of a necropsy in Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus)... San Martín AA, Paso Viola MN, Dellabianca NA, Riccialdelli L, Torres MA... 2018 9336 Document
Progress report on the development of a permanent blue whale song... Ana Sirovic 2018 9333 Document
Blue whale song occurrence in the Southern Hemisphere Ana Sirovic, Trevor Branch, Robert L. Brownell Jr, Salvatore Cerchio... 2018 9330 Document
Genetic diversity of South East Pacific fin whales and lack of genetic... Maria Jose Perez-Alvarez, Carlos Olavarria, Sebastian Kraft... 2018 9327 Document
Progress Report: Acoustic Monitoring of Blue Whales (Balaenoptera... Salvatore Cerchio, Tahina Rasoloarijao, Danielle Cholewiak 2018 9324 Document
Capture-recapture estimates of abundance of Antarctic blue whales Paula A. Olson, Douglas Kinzey, Michael C. Double, Koji Matsuoka... 2018 9321 Document
Cruise plan for the 2019 IWC-SORP research voyage 'The availability of... Double, M.C., Westwood, K., Bell, E.M., Kelly, N., Miller, B.S.... 2018 9318 Document
Site-fidelity and movement ranges of southern right whales in Antarctic... Luis A. Pastene, Takashi Hakamada, Paola Acuna, Mioko Taguchi... 2018 9315 Document
New Zealand blue whale distribution and response to disturbance... Leigh G. Torres, Dawn R. Barlow and Holger Klinck 2018 9312 Document
Documentation of a New Zealand blue whale population based on multiple... Dawn R. Barlow, Leigh G. Torres, Kristin B. Hodge, D. Steel... 2018 9309 Document
Morphometric analysis of Chilean blue whales and implications for... Luis A. Pastene, Jorge Acevedo and Trevor A. Branch 2018 9306 Document
Loss of maternal lineages in Antarctic blue whales described from whole... Angela L. Sremba, Aimee R. Lang, Nedda Saremi, Beth Shapiro... 2018 9303 Document
South African southern right whale aerial survey Els Vermeulen, Christopher Wilkinson, Meredith Thornton, Ingrid Peters... 2018 9300 Document
Results of the genetic analyses recommended by the ‘Workshop on Western... Mioko Taguchi 2018 9297 Document
Historical and contemporary population structure and the impact of... Maria Jose Perez-Alvarez, Francisca Rodriguez, Sebastian Kraft... 2018 9294 Document
The inference of gray whale (Eschrichtius robustus) historical... Anna Bruniche-Olsen, Rick Westerman, Zuzanna Kazmierczyk... 2018 9291 Document
Genetic data reveal mixed-stock assemblages of gray whales... Anna Brunche-Olsen, Jorge Urban R., Vladimir V. Vertyankin... 2018 9288 Document
Feasibility of the DNA methylation technique for age determination in... Mutsuo Goto, Toshihide Kitakado, Mioko Taguchi and Luis A. Pastene 2018 9285 Document
Stock Structure of Bowhead Whales Inferred from mtDNA and SNP Data Amy B. Baird, Geof H. Givens, John C. George, Robert S. Suydam... 2018 9282 Document
Preliminary results in stable isotope analysis along edge of baleen... Mayuka Uchida, Ippei Suzuki, Tsutomu Tamura, Takeharu Bando... 2018 9279 Document
Results of the third biological field survey of NEWREP-A during the... Takeharu Bando, Kazuyoshi Nakai, Jun Kanbayashi, Kengo Umeda, Yujin Kin... 2018 9276 Document
Cruise Report of the New Scientific Whale Research Program in the... Yoshida, H., Ito, N., Maeda, H., Nakamura, G., Inoue, S., Hirose, A.... 2018 9273 Document
Results of the first cruise of the New Scientific Whale Research... Kenji Konishi, Tatsuya Isoda, Kazuhiro Nakai, Hiroyuki Oikawa... 2018 9270 Document
Determining sexual maturity in female Antarctic minke whales during the... Satoko Inoue, Genta Yasunaga and Luis A. Pastene 2018 9267 Document
Results of satellite monitored tagging experiments on North Pacific sei... Kenji Konishi, Tatsuya Isoda, Takeharu Bando... 2018 9261 Document
Results of the feasibility study on biopsy sampling and satellite... Genta Yasunaga, Kenji Konishi, Tatsuya Isoda, Tsutomu Tamura 2018 9258 Document
Cruise Report of the New Scientific Whale Research Program in the... Tatsuya Isoda, Genta Yasunaga, Hideyoshi Yoshida, Toshihiro Mogoe... 2018 9255 Document
NEWREP-A sample size calculations need to be completed W. K. de la Mare, J. P. McKinlay 2018 9252 Document
Scientific Committee Handbook - Working methods of the IWCs Scientific... SC Chair, Vice Chair and Convenors 2018 9249 Document
Draft amendments to the SC Rules of Procedure Convenors Group 2018 9246 Document
Draft Southern Ocean Sanctuary Management Plan William de la Mare, Taylor Dearie, Hilary Anderson, John McKinlay... 2018 9243 Document
PH - Ongoing database hosting by Secretariat . 2018 9237 Document
NH - Workshop, Comparative biology, health... . 2018 9234 Document
ASI - Simulating line transect data to investigate robustness of novel... . 2018 9231 Document
SH - Summary of time and budget calculation for SHBWC . 2018 9228 Document
SH - Photo-identification information placards for naturalists and... . 2018 9225 Document
SH - Southern hemisphere blue whale catalogue 2019-2020 . 2018 9222 Document
SH - Antarctic blue whale catalogue comparison of new photographs from... . 2018 9219 Document
SH - Analysis of fin whale song variability across Southern Hemisphere . 2018 9216 Document
SH - Multi-ocean analysis of southern right whale demographic... . 2018 9213 Document
SH - Southern right whale catch series workshop . 2018 9210 Document
SH - Updated catch series and assessments of four pygmy blue whale... . 2018 9207 Document
SM - Guiana dolphin pre-assessment by the IWC Scientific Committee . 2018 9204 Document
SM - Intersessional workshop of the task team on South Asian river dolphins . 2018 9201 Document
WW - Modelling whale watching impacts . 2018 9198 Document
RMP - Essential computing support to the Secretariat for RMP . 2018 9195 Document
SDDNA - Collaborative analysis of WNP minke whale stock structure using... . 2018 9192 Document
RMP - Develop an age-structured emulator for the individual-based... . 2018 9189 Document
RMP - Two RMP workshops as part of the Implementation Review for the... . 2018 9186 Document
IA - Assessment modelling for an in-depth assessment of North Pacific... . 2018 9183 Document
IA - Second Workshop on the Comprehensive Assessment of North Pacific... . 2018 9180 Document
E - IWC strandings initiative - emergency response and investigations . 2018 9177 Document
HIM - Ship Strike Database Coordinator . 2018 9174 Document
CMP - Workshop to complete the updating of the IUCN IWC CMP on western... . 2018 9171 Document
HIM - Joint IWC IUCN workshop to evaluate how the data and process used... . 2018 9168 Document
CMP - A qualitative assessment of threats to Arabian Sea humpback... . 2018 9165 Document
CMP - Assessing continued isolation of the Arabian Sea humpback whale... . 2018 9162 Document
CMP - Proposal to sample the holotype specimen of Megaptera indica . 2018 9159 Document
EM - Cetaceans and ecosystem functioning. A gap analysis . 2018 9156 Document
CMP - Passive acoustic monitoring of the eastern South Pacific southern... . 2018 9153 Document
CMP - Abundance estimates of the Franciscana dolphin in Buenos Aires... . 2018 9150 Document
CMP -Population dynamics of southern right whales at Peninsula Valdes... . 2018 9147 Document
E - Workshop on marine debris. Improving techniques and addressing... . 2018 9144 Document
CMP - Gulf of Penas - The last haven of the southern right whale . 2018 9141 Document
E - Workshop to address emerging issues related to underwater noise . 2018 9138 Document
E - Production of annual State of the Cetacean Environment Report... . 2018 9135 Document
E - Mercury in cetaceans: biogeochemical cycling... . 2018 9132 Document
ASI - Amendment of the RMP guidelines to incorporate spatial modelling... . 2018 9129 Document
ASI - IWC-POWER cruises in 2019 and 2020 including a specialist... . 2018 9126 Document
Evaluation of Management Procedures with CLA modified by recruitment... Toshihide Kitakado 2018 9123 Document
A plausible range of MSYR(1+) and relative plausibility of stock... Toshihide Kitakado and Mutsuo Goto 2018 9120 Document
Update on incorporating an individual based energetics model into the... W. K. de la Mare 2018 9117 Document
Report of the SM SD Joint Intersessional Workshop: resolving Tursiops... International Whaling Commission 2018 9114 Document
Fifth Rangewide Workshop on the Status of North Pacific Gray Whales IWC 2018 9111 Document
Report of the 2017 AWMP Workshops on the Development of SLAs for the... IWC 2018 9108 Document
Report of the Workshop on Western North Pacific common minke whale... IWC 2018 9105 Document
Report of the Planning Meeting for the 2018 and 2019 IWC-POWER Cruise... IWC 2018 9102 Document
Report of the Workshop on Identifying Key Research Questions for the... New, L., Coscarella, M., Currie, J., Luck, M., Mesiti, S., Pirotta, E.... 2018 9099 Document
Report of the Second Implementation Review Workshop on Western North... International Whaling Commission 2018 9096 Document
Workshop on the Poorly Documented Takes of Small Cetaceans in South... Fruet, Porter, Scheidat, Zerbini, Aliaga Rossel, Amorocho, Avila... 2018 9093 Document
Happywhale Progress Report 2017-2018 Ted Cheeseman and Ken Southerland 2018 9090 Document
Progress report on Southern Hemisphere Blue Whale Catalogue: Period May... Barbara Galletti Vernazzani, Paula Olson, Chandra Salgado-Kent 2018 9087 Document
Flukebook – A tool for cetacean photo identification... Drew Blount, Jason Holmberg, Gianna Minton 2018 9084 Document
Photo-identification of Antarctic Fin Whales Paula A. Olson, Christopher D. Jones 2018 9081 Document
Photo-identification of Antarctic blue whales: new data from 1998 and... Paula A. Olson, Marijke de Boer, Amy Kennedy, Michael C. Double... 2018 9078 Document
Report of the Intersessional Working Group on the Comprehensive... Clapham (convener) 2018 9075 Document
Historical winter and summer distribution of large whales along the... Mizroch, S. A., Balcomb, K. C. and Rice, D. W 2018 9072 Document
Updated progress report: a multi-stock model for North Pacific sei... Punt, A.E. 2018 9069 Document
IWC Bycatch Mitigation Initiative- strategic assessment of potential... Marguerite Tarzia 2018 9066 Document
6th Progress Report on IWC Ship Strike Data Coordination – April 2018 Simone Panigada and Fabian Ritter (IWC ship strike data coordinators) 2018 9063 Document
Global baleen whale bycatch: the most threatened populations Brownell, R.L. and Mallette, S.D. 2018 9060 Document
Protecting large cetaceans from ship strikes in the Pelagos Sanctuary Thea Jacob, Aimee Leslie, Denis Ody 2018 9057 Document
Cetacean bycatch in Indian Ocean tuna fisheries: recent updates and... Jeremy J. Kiszka, Brendan Talwar, Gianna Minton... 2018 9054 Document
Preliminary evidences suggest that the establishment of a bottlenose... Pedro F Fruet, Jonatas H Prado, Rodrigo C Genoves, Juliana C Di Tullio... 2018 9051 Document
Small cetacean mortality as derived from stranding schemes: the harbour... Peltier, H, Czeck, R., Dabin, W., Daniel, P., Deaville, R., Haelters... 2018 9048 Document
Can modelling the drift of bycaught dolphin stranded carcasses help... Peltier, Helene, Authier, Matthieu, Dabin, Willy, Dars, Cecile, Demaret... 2018 9045 Document
Report of workshop: Towards understanding the overlap of selected... Simone Panigada, Erich Hoyt, Mike Tetley, Lea David, Maylis Salivas... 2018 9042 Document
Humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) feeding behavior and gillnet... Salvatore Siciliano, Julio Cardoso and Arlaine Francisco 2018 9039 Document
Modelling the spatial dynamics of Maui dolphins using individual based... Monique de Jager, Geerten Hengeveld, Wolf Mooij, Elisabeth Slooten 2018 9036 Document
Beach-cast small cetaceans bear evidence of continued catches and... Koen Van Waerebeek, Manuel Apaza, Julio C. Reyes... 2018 9033 Document
Draft List of Participants International Whaling Commission 2018 9027 Document
Powerpoint guide to Comprehensive Assessments Greg Donovan 2018 9024 Document
Powerpoint guide to Scientific Committee Greg Donovan 2018 9021 Document
Draft Document List International Whaling Commission 2018 9018 Document
Draft Annotated Agenda . 2018 9015 Document
Reactions and answers to two papers by McKinlay, de la Mare and Welsh Celine Cunen, Lars Walloe and Nils Lid Hjort 2018 9012 Document
Results of the krill and oceanographic survey under the NEWREP-A in the... Atsushi Wada, Toshihiro Mogoe, Shunjiro Banjo, Hidenori Kasai... 2018 9009 Document
Further development of individual base energetic models including the... W. K. de la Mare 2018 9006 Document
The characteristics of krill swarms in relation to aggregating... Elanor J. Miller, Joanne Potts, Martin J Cox, Brian S. Miller... 2018 9003 Document
The contribution of prey spatial distribution to baleen whale... W. K. de la Mare 2018 9000 Document
Supplementary notes and material, with some refined analyses... Celine Cunen, Lars Walloe, Kenji Konishi and Nils Lid Hjort 2018 8997 Document
Issues Cunen... McKinlay, J. P., de la Mare, W. K., Welsh, A. H. 2018 8994 Document
No substantial change in Antarctic minke whale condition during the... McKinlay, J. P., de la Mare, W. K., Welsh, A. H. 2018 8991 Document
Updates on progress related to international noise strategies D. Cholewiak, E. Burkhardt, S. Frey, R. Leaper, S. Moore, R. Williams 2018 8988 Document
First outbreak of cetacean morbillivirus in the South Atlantic:... Haydee A. Cunha, Elitieri Batista Santos Neto, Rafael R. Carvalho... 2018 8985 Document
Consideration of data collection related to marine debris and cetaceans Nini Pierantonio and Mark Simmonds 2018 8982 Document
Microplastics in the food web of cetaceans – a review P.atricia Burkhardt-Holm and Anouk NGuyen 2018 8979 Document
Preliminary report of the joint ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS/SPA-RAC workshop on... ACCOBAMS, ASCOBANS, ECS, SPA-RAC 2018 8976 Document
CMS Family guidelines on environmental impact assessments for marine... Heidrun Frisch-Nwakanma 2018 8973 Document
Relevant debris to be targeted for cetaceans: a review of available... Nino Pierantinio, Mark Simmonds, Sonja Eisfeld-Pierantonio 2018 8970 Document
Mercury in cetaceans Ailsa Hall 2018 8967 Document
Mercury concentrations in wild humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)... Paula A. Angel-Romero, Dalia C. Barragan-Barrera, Natalia Botero-Acosta... 2018 8964 Document
Reproductive and Stress Steroid Hormone Analysis in Cetacean Blubber by... Mary Hayden, David Klein, Seenivasan Subbiah, Christiana Wittmaack... 2018 8961 Document
Overview of monitoring... Dennis I. Litovka, Mikhail V. Simokon, Lidiya T. Kovekovdova... 2018 8958 Document
The occurrence of trichinellosis in gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus)... Lidiya A. Bukina, Leonid E. Skurihin, Stanislav V. Lobovikov... 2018 8955 Document
Assessment of cortisol concentration in baleens of gray whales... Naidenko, S.V., Klyuchnikova, P.S. and Litovka, D.I. 2018 8952 Document
Presence of mercury in river dolphins (Inia and Sotalia) in the Amazon... Mosquera-Guerra, F., Trujillo F., Parks, D., Oliveira-da-Costa, M.... 2018 8949 Document
State of the Cetacean Environment Report (SOCER) 2018 M. Stachowitsch, N.A. Rose, and E.C.M. Parsons 2018 8946 Document
Co-operation with Other Organisations . 2018 8943 Document
Aboriginal subsistence whaling in the Russian Federation in 2017 Zharikov, K. 2018 8940 Document
Report of the Intersessional Correspondence Group on Drafting an... G.H. Givens (Chair), C. Allison, G. Donovan, J.C. George, J. Scordino... 2018 8937 Document
Whaling in Chukotka from 2013 till 2017 Sergei V. Zagrebelnyy 2018 8934 Document
Request for advice on Greenlandic hunts Denmark/Greenland 2018 8931 Document
On evaluation trials for West Greenland minke whales Lars Witting 2018 8928 Document
Needs of Chukotka indigenous people in Gray whale harvest products and... Ilyashenko, V.Y. 2018 8925 Document
Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Bowhead Whale Abundance Estimation Survey... M.C. Ferguson, J.T. Clarke, R. Angliss, J. Bengtson, A. Brower... 2018 8922 Document
A candidate SLA for the common minke whale in West Greenland Lars Witting 2018 8919 Document
A candidate SLA for fin whales in West Greenland Lars Witting 2018 8916 Document
Potential SLAs for West Greenland fin whales testing against the agreed... Anabela Brandao 2018 8913 Document
Update on plans for a population survey in 2019 of... R. Suydam, J.C. George, M. Ferguson, and G. Givens 2018 8910 Document
2018 Update to the International Whaling Commission (IWC): Canadian... Seth Reinhart 2018 8907 Document
2017 health report for the Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Seas Raphaela Stimmelmayr, J. Craig George, Amy Willoughby, Amelia Brower... 2018 8904 Document
Length at sexual maturity and pregnancy rates of... J.C. George, R. Suydam, G. Givens, L. Horstmann, R. Stimmelmayr... 2018 8901 Document
Subsistence harvest of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) taken by... Robert S. Suydam and John C. George 2018 8898 Document
Subsistence harvest of bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) by Alaskan... Robert Suydam, John C. George, Brian Person, Raphaela Stimmelmayr... 2018 8895 Document
Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Stock of Bowhead Whales: 2006–2017 Satellite... Lori Quakenbush, John Citta, John C. George, Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen... 2018 8892 Document
Bowhead whale calves in the western Beaufort Sea, 2012-2017 Janet Clarke, Megan Ferguson, Amelia Brower, and Amy Willoughby 2018 8889 Document
Bowhead whale carcasses in the eastern Chukchi and western Beaufort... Amy Willoughby, Janet Clarke, Megan Ferguson, Raphaela Stimmelmayr... 2018 8886 Document
Survival Rate and 2011 Abundance of Bering-Chukchi-Beaufort Seas... Givens, G., Mocklin, J., Brattstrom, L., Tudor, B., Koski, W., Zeh, J.... 2018 8883 Document
Report of the Conservation Management Plan for Franciscana (Pontoporia... Miguel Iniguez Bessega 2018 8880 Document
Baleen whales reports from the Eastern Arabian Sea based on interview... Dipani Sutaria 2018 8877 Document
Satellite tracking of Southern right whales (Eubalaena australis) from... Zerbini, A.N., A. Fernandez Ajos, A. Andriolo, P.J. Clapham, E. Crespo... 2018 8874 Document
Geographic variation in song indicates both isolation of Arabian Sea... Salvatore Cerchio, Andrew Willson, Charles Muirhead, Suaad Al Harthi... 2018 8871 Document
Progress Report on Passive Acoustic Monitoring of the Eastern South... Barbara Galletti Vernazzani, Naysa Balcazar-Cabrera, Susannah Buchan... 2018 8868 Document
IWC Eastern South Pacific Southern Right Whale Conservation Management... Barbara Galletti Vernazzani 2018 8862 Document
Seasonal Occurrence of Southern Right Whales (Eubalaena australis) in... E. Zuazquita, J. Belgrano, R. Sarandon and A.N. Zerbini 2018 8859 Document
Southern right whale of the SW Atlantic: An update on the CMP actions... Miguel Iniguez Bessega 2018 8856 Document
Update on satellite telemetry studies and first unmanned aerial vehicle... Andrew Willson, Robert Baldwin, Salvatore Cerchio, Simon Childerhouse... 2018 8853 Document
Status Report of Conservation and Researches on the Western North... Gen Nakamura, Hideyoshi Yoshida, Hiroyuki Morita, Kenji Konishi... 2018 8850 Document
Possible occurrence of a Gray Whale off Korea in 2015 Hyun Woo KIM, Hawsun SOHN, Yasutaka IMAI 2018 8847 Document
The Arabian Sea Whale Network: A brief progress report Gianna Minton, Marina Antonopoulou 2018 8844 Document
2018 gray whale abundance in Laguna San Ignacio and Bahia Magdalena, Mexico J. Urban R., S. L. Swartz, S. Martinez A., L. Viloria G.... 2018 8841 Document
First Acoustic Recordings of Critically Endangered Eastern South... Ellen Jacobs, Maureen Duffy, Jessica Magolan... 2018 8838 Document
Gray whale research off northeastern Sakhalin Island and eastern... Alexander M. Burdin, Olga Sychenko, Matvey Mamaev 2018 8835 Document
Southern Right Whale Eubalaena australis recolonizes Golfo San Matias... Magdalena Arias, Mariano A. Coscarella, M. Alejandra Romero... 2018 8832 Document
Density-dependent changes in the distribution of southern right whales... Nicolas Sueyro, Enrique Crespo, Magdalena Arias, Mariano Coscarella 2018 8829 Document
The Southwestern Atlantic Southern Right Whale, Eubalaena australis... Enrique Crespo and Mariano Coscarella 2018 8826 Document
Lifetime glucocorticoid profiles in baleen of right whale calves:... Alejandro A. Fernandez Ajo, Kathleen E. Hunt, Marcela Uhart... 2018 8823 Document
No evidence of malnutrition in dead southern right whale calves off... Carina F. Maron, Matias Di Martino, Andrea Chirife, Lucas Beltramino... 2018 8820 Document
Southern right whale mortalities at Península Valdes... Mariano Sironi, Victoria J. Rowntree, Matias Di Martino... 2018 8817 Document
Cruise report of the cetacean sighting survey in the eastern part of... Pavel S. Gushcherov, Petr A. Tyupeleev, Мaksim A. Shkarupa... 2018 8796 Document
Research plan of the cetacean sighting survey in the north western Sea... Pavel S. Gushcherov, Petr A. Tiupeleev... 2018 8793 Document
Updated g(0) estimate for western North Pacific Bryde’s whales and its... Takashi Hakamada, Koji Matsuoka and Tomio Miyashita 2018 8790 Document
Report of the Intersessional Email Group on Abundance Estimates... C. Allison, D.S. Butterworth, A. Cañadas, J. Cooke, G.P. Donovan... 2018 8787 Document
Proposal for the 2019 and 2020 IWC-Pacific Ocean Whale and Ecosystem... Matsuoka, K., Zharikov, K.A., Miyashita, T., Murase, H., Kitakado, T.... 2018 8784 Document
Cruise report of the 2017 IWC-Pacific Ocean Whale and Ecosystem... Matsuoka, K., Taylor, J., Yoshimura, I., Crance, J. and Kasai, H. 2018 8781 Document
Revised research plan for a dedicated cetacean sighting survey in 2018... Takashi Hakamada, Koji Matsuoka, Tomio Miyashita and Luis A. Pastene 2018 8778 Document
Research plan for the NEWREP-A dedicated sighting survey in the... Takashi Hakamada, Koji Matsuoka and Luis A. Pastene 2018 8775 Document
Population estimates and projections of Maui dolphin (Cephalorhyncus... Justin G. Cooke, Debbie Steel, Rebecca Hamner... 2018 8772 Document
Result of the Japanese dedicated cetacean sighting survey in the... Koji Matsuoka, Takashi Hakamada, Yu Ueda, Takashi Kominami, Nobuo Abe... 2018 8769 Document
Report of the Norwegian 2017 survey for minke whales within the Small... Nils I Oien 2018 8766 Document
Estimates of the abundance of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)... Daniel G. Pike, Thorvaldur Gunnlaugsson... 2018 8763 Document
Results of the NEWREP-A dedicated sighting survey during the 2017/18... Toshihiro Mogoe, Futoshi Yamaguchi, Shinya Kawabe, Taiki Katsumata... 2018 8760 Document
Long-term Photo-Identification Studies of Gray Whales (Eschrichtius... Olga Yu. Tyurneva, Yuri M. Yakovlev, Vladimir V. Vertyankin... 2018 8757 Document
Abundance estimates for western North Pacific gray whales for use with... Justin G. Cooke 2018 8754 Document
Report of the intersessional correspondence group that reviewed the... Palka, Canadas, Donovan, Freitas, Gunnlaugsson, Herr, Pike, Vikingsson... 2018 8751 Document
Report of the cetacean sighting survey in the Northwestern Africa... Diallo S.T. and I.L. Bamy 2018 8748 Document
Financial position of the Research Fund Secretariat 2018 8745 Document
Panama - Progress Report Summary 2018 . 2018 8742 Document
Germany - Progress Report Summary 2018 . 2018 8739 Document
Brazil - Progress Report Summary 2018 . 2018 8736 Document
France - Progress Report Summary 2018 . 2018 8733 Document
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